Worship Words from February 21, 2021

Worship Words from February 21, 2021

Your Great Name We Praise
Sovereign Grace Music

Immortal, invisible God only wise
In light, inaccessible hid from our eyes
Most holy, most glorious the ancient of days
Almighty, victorious Your great name we praise

Unresting, unhasting, and silent as light
Not wanting or wasting You rule us in might
Your justice like mountains high soaring above
Your clouds which are fountains of goodness and love

Most holy, most glorious
The Ancient of Days
Almighty, victorious
Your great name we praise

All life comes from You Lord to both great and small
In all life, you live Lord, the true life of all
We blossom and flourish, but quickly grow frail
We wither and perish, but You never fail

Great Father of glory, pure Father of light
Your angels adore you all veiling their sight
All praise we will render, O Father of grace
Till one day in splendor, we see face to face


Unstoppable God
Elevation Worship

Heaven thundered, and the world was born
Life begins and ends in the dust You formed
Faith commanded, and the mountains moved
Fear is losing ground, to our hope in You

Unstoppable God, let Your glory go on and on
Impossible things, in Your name, they shall be done

Freedom conquered, all our chains undone
Sin defeated, Jesus has overcome
Mercy triumphed when the third day dawned
Darkness was denied, when the stone was gone

Nothing shall be impossible
Your kingdom reigns unstoppable
We’ll shout Your praise forevermore
Jesus our God unstoppable


Christ Be Magnified
Cody Carnes

Were creation suddenly articulate
With a thousand tongues to lift one cry
Then from North to South and East to West
We’d hear Christ be magnified

Were the whole Earth echoing His eminence
His name would burst from sea and sky
From rivers to the mountain tops
We’d hear Christ be magnified

Oh! Christ be magnified
Let His praise arise
Christ be magnified in me
Oh! Christ be magnified
From the altar of my life
Christ be magnified in me

When every creature finds its inmost melody
And every human heart its native cry
Oh then in one enraptured hymn of praise
We’ll sing Christ be magnified
Oh, be lifted high, Jesus

I won’t bow to idols, I’ll stand strong and worship You
And if it puts me in the fire, I’ll rejoice ’cause You’re there too
I won’t be formed by feelings, I hold fast to what is true
If the cross brings transformation then I’ll be crucified with You
‘Cause death is just the doorway into resurrection life
And if I join You in Your suffering, then I’ll join You when You rise
And when You return in glory with all the angels and the saints
My heart will still be singing, my song will be the same


Psalm 126
Bifrost Arts

Our mouths, they were filled, filled with laughter
Our tongues they were loosed, loosed with joy
Restore us, O Lord
Restore us, O Lord

Although we are weeping
Lord, help us keep sowing
The seeds of Your Kingdom
For the day You will reap them
Your sheaves we will carry
Lord, please do not tarry
All those who sow weeping
Will go out with songs of joy

The nations will say, “He has done great things!”
The nations will sing songs of joy
Restore us, O Lord
Restore us, O Lord


Glorious Day

I was buried beneath my shame
Who could carry that kind of weight
It was my tomb ’til I met You

I was breathing but not alive
All my failures I tried to hide
It was my tomb ’til I met You

‘Cause when You called my name
I ran out of that grave
Out of the darkness into Your glorious day
You called my name (and) I ran out of that grave
Out of the darkness into Your glorious day

Now Your mercy has saved my soul
Now Your freedom is all that I know
The old made new Jesus when I met You

I needed rescue my sin was heavy
But chains break at the weight of Your glory
I needed shelter I was an orphan
Now You call me a citizen of Heaven
When I was broken You were my healing
Now Your love is the air that I’m breathing
I have a future my eyes are open