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God With Us

We kickoff our Advent series “God With Us” this Sunday morning. God is with us in our confusion. Like Joseph, we all find ourselves wondering what is happening. We may not know what is happening, but we can know that God is with us.

God with Us | In Our Waiting

December 29

We spend a lot of time waiting. We wait for something to happen. We wait for test results. We wait for our turn. And we also wait for God. This morning we’ll think about HOW we wait for God and how God is with us in our waiting.

Text: Habakkuk 2:1-4
Message by Pastor Ron Kool

God With Us | In Our Weakness

December 22

Ever feel weak and inadequate before God and you aren’t sure why? The Annunciation of the Lord is one of the most well known Advent stories. Angel Gabriel says to Mary: “Greetings, you who are highly favored!” Mary feels unworthy to be the mother of Jesus, he is coming to be born to a poor, unwed mother, from the small town of Nazareth. This Sunday we’ll look at the grace and favor of God that is available to us, even in our weaknesses and even when we feel inadequate.

Text: Luke 1:26-38
Message by Pastor Daniel Bud

God With Us | In Our Failures

December 15

We’ve been talking about Jesus being Immanuel, about Jesus being God with us. We’ve said that He is with us even when we don’t understand what is hap- pening around us and He is with us in the storms of our lives. This morning we focus on the truth that Jesus is also with us in our failures—when we blow it, when we sin. He takes on our sin so we can be forgiven.

Text: II Corinthians 5:21
Message by Pastor Ron Kool

God With Us | In the Storms

December 8

As we approach Christmas we think about one of the most beautiful names for Jesus: He is Immanuel—God with Us. We dare to believe that when Jesus was born He was not just a special baby—He was (and is) God Himself, in the flesh. He came to be with us. And not just on our good days. Jesus came to be with us in our storms.

Text: John 11:35
Message by Pastor Ron Kool

God With Us | In Our Wilderness

December 1

This Sunday we start our advent series. Emmanuel means ‘God with us.’ During advent, we expect and long for God to be among and with us. And although the Holidays is a joyful time of the year, there are times we feel lonely, confused, and weak even during seasons of joy. This morning we’ll take a look at how God is with us during times of confusion using how God interacted with Joseph as our example.

Text: Matthew 1:18-25
Message by Pastor Arek O’Connell