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Pastor Ron Kool shares information on Hillside’s future and making a Maximum Impact in our community for the Kingdom!


What an incredible time this is for Hillside Community Church! We’re so glad you stopped by.  Here’s where you’ll find just about everything you need to know or hopefully the answer to any question you may have.  These are our 4 project priorities listed below.  We’ll be adding more to this portion of our site over the next several weeks, so keep checking back for updates, videos and more! We’ve created a few easy to follow categories that are listed below.  Within each one you can click to learn more and read additional information about that topic.

Thanks again for coming by the site.  We’re grateful for all you’ve done to help Hillside reach this exciting new season of growth.

Children and Youth

CHILDREN-larger nursery space, fun space specifically for kids, more classrooms

EASE OF EXPERIENCE – kids drop off, wayfinding, feeling of security

YOUTH– space for large and small groups, stage, kitchenette, cafe feel


WORSHIP – bigger but close feel, not just a box, with natural light

Growing Community

KITCHEN – larger commercial kitchen to feed large groups, not next to worship


Community Impact

GROWTH IN OUTREACH– larger focus on wellness: golf, zumba, basketball, etc.

LARGE ROOMS for large group classes and outreach



We are passionate about maintaining our building campaign design principles throughout the entire process.




  • Principle 1

    Create a welcoming, safe, exciting space that reinforces a casual, non traditional, family church atmosphere

  • Principle 3

    Create a facility identifiable as a church with clear entry and way-finding

  • Principle 2

    Create an environment that fosters a sense of community and authentic relationships

  • Principle 4

    Create a participatory worship space that feels close and intimate

Maximum Update // 05/17/19

This is the start of Maximum Impact II!  Get the updates and details in this Congregational Meeting Info Video from Pastor Ron.

Construction Updates // 08/17 -11/17

Have a look at an amazing ‘before and after’ glimpse at the construction progress.  We’re so excited for how things have and are taking shape.  Enjoy this collective photo gallery that covers the building process from August to November of ’17.

Video Update // 7/26/17

Here’s an updated video walk through and tour of the current construction process.

Video Update // 7/6/17

Check out this awesome video tour of the current construction process.

Construction Update // 05/08/17

What exciting news we have to share!  We’re not just talking about construction updates now…its really happening!  Machines are rolling in and digging.  This is truly the literal beginning of the new construction project. Work began at 3:30pm Monday afternoon, May 8. Things are progressing now and we cant wait to share more as the project takes shape.

Maximum Impact Promo Video

Take an inside look at the hope and excitement for the new building campaign and growth phase that Hillside has entered.

Building Project // Video Update

If you missed the February 5th, 2017 Building Project Update meeting, don’t worry! You can watch the video here.

Building Project // Video Update

If you missed the November 6th, 2016 Building Project Update meeting, here’s a video of 8:30am meeting to get you caught up!

Maximum Impact Giving Display

Be sure to check out our exciting new Maximum Impact Giving Display in the lobby.  It features monthly totals and an overall progress bar.  We’ll be updating it regularly with new totals, special upcoming events and some fun facts concerning our Hillside family and community.  Plus, its mobile, like our own little resident droid, so we’ll be rolling it all around the church. (You never know where you might see it!)

Letter from Pastor Ron

Read a personal letter from Pastor Ron to the Hillside community sharing his heart and hopes concerning the building phase and future.

Project Information

This is where you can find the nuts and bolts of the project.  From “who is the architect anyway?,” to “who’s on the construction committee?”  Its all here and updated regularly.


  • Create a welcoming, safe, and exciting space that reinforces the Hillside Community Church identity of a casual, non traditional, family church atmosphere
  • Create an environment that fosters a sense of community and authentic relationships
  • Create a facility identifiable as a church with clear entry and way-finding
  • Create a participatory worship space that feels close and intimate



The current Multi-purpose Worship Center, at 7,000 sq. feet, can seat around 470 people. The proposed new Worship Center is roughly 10,000 sq. feet, with a seating capacity of 700.

A new, expanded Hub is provided outside of the new Worship Center for additional gathering space before, between and after services.

A new main entrance with drop-off canopy will be developed adjacent to the west parking.

The current Nursery is about 1,500 sq. feet. The proposed nursery more than doubles its size at 3,200 sq. feet. For safety, an up-to-date security system will be added, including a single entrance and cameras.

Hillside currently has 12 classrooms for pre-school and elementary-aged children. The new building provides 16 classrooms, as well as check-in space for controlled access.

The Kitchen will remain in its current location, but expand in size.The offices and existing building will predominantly remain “as is,” as additions will be added to the current structure in the west classroom wing (11,000 sq. feet added), the north Worship Center and Hub (14,000 sq. feet added) and the new Nursery and Education space (8,700 sq. feet added).

The current building is roughly 26,400 sq. feet in total. With the new addition, Hillside would be about 49,000 sq. feet in size.



After a 10 year period from 2001-2011 where membership remained flat, Hillside Community Church has experienced steady growth over the past five years. Hillside has also experienced significant growth in the number of programs, classes, and other events the church offers. From Alpha to Zumba (and some golf in between), God has blessed our church with a variety of new ways to be involved in the community.

The makeup of Hillside’s current membership indicates that the church will continue to increase in size. We have a large and vibrant population of youth. In fact, Hillside currently has 83 children age 2 and under and another 80 between the ages of 3-5. This means that 12% of our church membership is age 5 and under – add in elementary through high school students, and 26% of our church is 18 and under!

Steady growth, while excellent news, can certainly strain church resources – particularly physical space. Church planning experts say that people begin to shy away from your church when services are over 80% full, as they feel there is not room for them. In the past 2 years, Hillside has been over 80% full in 43% of our services! Hillside’s growth has not solely impacted auditorium space.

Hallways, classrooms and parking capacity have also become cramped in recent years. It is also essential that parents feel very comfortable with the care and nurture their children are receiving. When it comes to our nurseries at Hillside we face two challenges:



First, we need to improve our check in and check out procedures so that they meet current church standards. We want to be able to provide very limited access to nurseries while still making dropping off and picking up children easy.

Second, we have 163 kids age 5 and under, and we don’t have the nursery space to care for that many (and that’s without any visitors!). In order to meet minimal recommendations for church nurseries, we need to have at least 50% more space than we currently have. In order to make our nurseries both safe and comfortable, we are planning to more than double the size of our current nursery and include an
up-to-date security system.

Great news from our Construction Team:

we have hired an architect to design the new building! After receiving several bids and doing follow up research, the CT made the decision to hire Progressive AE to do our project. And as part of that decision, Craig Nicely (who works at PAE) has been asked to become a member of the Construction Team. This gives us still another member of our congregation who is on the forefront of the decision-making process and is extremely knowledgeable about the construction industry.
It’s likely that many of us thought that once the capital campaign had concluded there would be ground-breaking within a very short time. The amount of work necessary before that can happen is something that only those with a good understanding of major construction projects (and that likely includes very few of us!) would know.

A question that certainly will be asked is, “I thought we had hired Progressive before, so why was this step necessary?” What we had contracted PAE to do previously was to help us get a grasp on what our needs are and what some possible solutions to meet those needs could be. PAE was a logical choice to do that because of Craig’s being a member of our church and his affiliation with PAE. Our obligation to them (and theirs to us) ended with the “concept drawings” that we saw previously. Now that our funding is in place, the CT has been working diligently to determine how we can best make use of those and get “the most building for our buck.” Getting our architect in place to design the specific architectural plans is a huge step.

Another thing we may be wondering about is, “Am I supposed to be making contributions toward my pledge?” The short answer is, “Yes.” We are about 4 months into our 3-year commitment to our building project, so that means we are about 10% of the way through that time period. Catching up is always an option, as is increasing the size of your pledge (or possibly making one if you haven’t done that yet!)

Here are things you can do as we move ahead with this exciting project:

•    Pray for the Construction Team members (Rich Hoekwater is the chairman, and team members are Chuck Alles, Steve Alles, Craig Nicely, Jon Potvin, Steve Sikma, and Matt VanNoord)
•    Pray for our Council as they make decisions about the project and provide leadership for the various aspects of this large undertaking
•    Encourage the members of the Construction Team when you see them. They are meeting frequently and putting in large amounts of time and effort.

Construction Team Update Meeting – 10/28/16

There will be a meeting (yes, a live meeting!) to update you on the progress that has been made toward our building project. You will have two opportunities to get information and to ask questions on Sunday, November 6. The first meeting will be at 8:30 AM (since it’s the day of the time change, many of us will be up anyway and maybe at church by mistake) in the back building behind church. The second meeting will be after the second service at approximately 12:15 PM, giving parents time to get their kids from nursery or Kids Rock. This meeting will be in the auditorium.
Bonus: if you are unable to attend either of the meetings, the second will be recorded and made available by podcast. Our Construction Team continues to make great progress, and these are your opportunities to hear the latest information—don’t miss out!

Construction Team Update Meeting – 9/16/16

The Construction Team has had several meetings and continues with the many steps necessary to prepare for construction. The following companies have submitted proposals that were accepted: D&D Building Inc. as the general contractor, Windemuller Electric as the electrical contractor, and Allied Mechanical for the plumbing and mechanical work.
The Team is currently in the process of putting out for bid the architectural and engineering plans. Once that bid is awarded, the architectural plans and design will begin. Completed drawings should be in place by February so that bids on other construction phases can be accepted in March, with a projected construction start date of April. What an exciting time that will be—the fulfillment of many prayers and dreams!
Please pray for the Construction Team as they work through the complex building process. If you are interested in giving a gift-in-kind or have interest in bidding on any phase of the project, please contact anyone on the Construction Team.
The Construction Team members are: Chuck Alles, Steve Alles, Rich Hoekwater, Jon Potvin, Steve Sikma, and Matt VanNoord.


When am I supposed to start fulfilling my pledge?

The three year pledge period begins in June of 2016. We hope that all pledges will be fulfilled by May of 2019.

How do I fulfill my pledge? Are there special envelopes?

All money’s designated for the building fund will be considered as contributions toward your pledge. You can either use your current giving envelopes and put the amount you want to go to the Maximum Impact Campaign in the Building Fund box on your envelope or write Building Fund or Maximum Impact on the memo line of your check. If you use electronic fund transfers, simply inform Andy Pasma the amount of your gift you want to be designated to the campaign.

Is it okay if I simply give the money I was giving to the General Fund to the Maximum Impact campaign?

Please do NOT do this. We will continue to have all of our expenses from the ongoing ministry at Hillside and we need to meet our obligations. Giving to the Maximum Impact Campaign should be in addition to your General Fund giving

As a business owner I don’t know what my income will be until the end of the year. This makes it difficult to make a pledge. What should I do?

We understand this difficulty! We ask that you make a conservative estimate of what you believe you are going to be able to give and let us know that amount. If you are able to give more at year end, that would be great!

We don’t make three year pledges. I might make a contribution to the campaign again next year, but I won’t make a commitment at this time. Will you ask me to contribute again?

We would love to be able to encourage you to contribute to the campaign each of the next three years. If you are only making a one-year commitment, please let us know and we’ll be happy to contact you in the next couple of years about the campaign.

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