A Message From Pastor Ron

First, we want to say thanks for checking us out. We’re pretty excited about what God is doing at Hillside and we’re glad to have the chance to share that with you. So what makes Hillside what it is? We believe that God is really amazing and that there is nothing better than learning to walk thorough life with and for Him. He is there for us on our best days and He doesn’t leave us when it feels like everything is falling apart. He encourages us and challenges us and gives us a purpose in life that is worth giving everything we have for. There is nothing quite like learning more about God and growing in Him.

That’s great, but what makes it even better is that we get to learn and grow together. As a community of disciples, we are all on the journey of discovering and learning. As we make our way down that road, we do it together.

None of us are perfect, none of us have it all together, none of us have all the answers, but we learn and grow and laugh and serve together. We care for each other and we seek to bring God’s love into a broken world, both nearby and far away. It’s been an incredible journey so far and we know God isn’t through with us yet. We don’t know what’s next, but He does and we’d love to have you along for whatever God has in store for us.

– Sincerely, Pastor Ron Kool