Preparing for Jesus

November 29 – December 27 2020

Many of us are busy at this time of year preparing for Christmas. We decorate our homes and buy gifts. We might write a “Christmas Letter” to send with our Christmas cards. But we also need to spend time preparing our hearts for Christmas – getting our souls ready to receive the gift we most need – the gift of Jesus Christ.

This advent we will look at four passages from the Gospel of Matthew that will help us prepare for the coming of Jesus.

The Divine Disruptor

December 20

Jesus is our only hope. We need Him to be our Savior and our King. But we need to recognize something. When Jesus comes into our lives, He has a tendency to turn things upside down. This morning we’ll look at how Jesus turned Joseph’s life upside down.

Pastor Ron Kool

Matthew 1:18-25

Not What You Expected

December 13

Unmet expectations and hopes have a way of breaking our hearts. Luckily, during the season of advent, we allow ourselves to hope and dream for the impossible. We long for Jesus to return and make our wildest dreams a reality. But what if Jesus doesn’t meet our hopes or expectations in the way we expected? John the Baptist knew what that felt like… this Sunday, we’ll learn how Jesus confronts our unmet expectations and hopes, even if he is the one who hasn’t met them.

Pastor Arek O’Connell

Matthew 11:2-11

Get Ready

December 6

Many of us have been busy getting ready for Christmas.  Maybe we’ve put up a tree or wrapped some presents.  Maybe we’ve put lights on our houses or baked some cookies.  This morning John the Baptist calls us to prepare the way for Jesus by getting our hearts ready to receive Him.  We’ll see what John says we need to do to get ready.

Pastor Ron Kool

Matthew 3:1-10

Didn't See That Coming

November 29

During this time of the year, our thoughts often turn to Christmas—to the birth of Jesus. That’s good, but this morning we’re going to think about the fact that not only did Jesus come to earth (His first Advent), He’s coming back (His second Advent). This morning we’ll join the disciples in asking Jesus: When?? How will we know when you’re coming back?

Pastor Ron Kool

Matthew 24:36-44